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StrongInu $SINU An ETH based token, building on the INU & Metaverse hype. $SINU is to be the new Hero of the Metaverse and will push further into the NFT market with limited releases that will give additional benefits with our usecase. The previous token this trusted team launched was back in March and is still running to this day. It hit an ATH mc of $90m and was promoted by several huge names included Anthony Joshua. Expect bigger and better things for Strong Inu. TOKENOMICS Buys: -4% marketing -2% liquidity -1% development Sells: -5% marketing -2% liquidity -2% development Sales in the first 24 hours will be subject to double sale tax. Private sale tokens have vesting on them. No sales for 24 hours, thereafter up to a maximum of 8% per day. Join Us. Twitter ( Strong Inu (@StrongInu) | Twitter The latest Tweets from Strong Inu (@StrongInu). The Official Twitter for StrongInu




November 19, 2021


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