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Stop War Putin SWP

I'm Daria Ross, we met at a charity gala and an amazing journey began ...... As a charity, we're always talking about humanitarian issues in the world and trying to find ways to improve them. So that magical night led to what we are doing now, using the blockchain network to let people know that we are doing this and helping others. Our founder Zach Barnes from the UK was very sympathetic to the war in Ukraine and how he wanted to help it, so he thought he could use his blockchain technology with us as a charity to help Ukraine. Thus, the SWP token was born! In addition to helping Ukraine, we have a unique economic system that can provide a stable income for holders in the third phase of the project, and SWP NFT holders can also use Putin lottery tickets and exchange them for Tokens by pledging them. And more utility will come ...... Finally, we will donate part of the proceeds to the Ukrainian government for rebuilding homes, you are all heroes for helping Ukraine!

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March 10, 2022