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Stealthsafu Token STS

STEALTH SAFU is a 20,000 supply, the first agro-based multidimensional charity token on the Fantom blockchain with the ultimate goal of creation,control and store of WEALTH. STEALTH SAFU will make you happy always. STEALTH SAFU is designed to control coin price and total SUPPLY to maximize Investors profitability. *STEALTH SAFU ROADMAP* *Conceptualization of STEALTH SAFU *Creation of social media, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit,Discus *Smart contract development *Pancakeswap Launching *Website development Numerous Logo designs ,asset designs *Hosting of PRIVATE SALES *World-class Marketing *WEEKLY GIVEAWAY Phase 2 CREATION OF PARTNERSHIPS Marketting wallet unlocked for Serious marketing and advertisement Fast tracking of price and listing on coingecko and coinmarket cap *Commitment to usecase( ultimate reduction of coins and control of token SUPPLY through necessary BURNS) Phase 3 * Creation of CRAZY BURN TOKEN( CRAZY BURN WITH TOTAL SUPPLY 5OK TO BE BURNED TILL IT REACHES 10K SUPPLY WHERE THE BURN WILL BE ADDED AS TO THE LIQUIDITY POOL AUTOMATICALLY) *Listing on CEX (Hotbit, Bitmart and so on) * Creation of NFT MARKETPLACE And much more Fast tracking additional roadmap to be decided by the community STEALTH SAFU MAJOR ALLOCATIONS SHALL BE USED FOR FOOD PRODUCTION FUR HUMAN SUSTENANCE FOR MAXIMUM GROWTH OF THE PROJECT( THAT IS WHERE THE PARTNERSHIP COMES IN)




August 23, 2021

Stealthsafu Token

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