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$StackBTC Is A Deflationary Auto Rewards Token That Burn’s And Adds Liquidity But Also Rewards It’s 🙌HOLDERS🙌 With 10% Of Each Transaction In BTCB, Simply For Not Selling And Holding 🚀$StackBTC🚀 In Return, It Helps Us Build Our Community And Reap The Benefits Of Being Rewarded With BITCOIN! Our Smart Contract Code Taxes All Purchases And Sales, Takes The Proceeds And Buys The BTCB (Bitcoin BEP2) Then Distributes It Amongst Our Holders According To The Amount Of $StackBTC They Are Holding 🙌💎 Our Concept Creates A Form Of Passive Income And Long Term Investment For Our Holders. Mining Has Become A Great Form Of Obtaining Bitcoin For Years Now, But With $StackBTC You Can Now Obtain BITCOIN Without All The Carbon Emission Problems That Mining Bitcoin Brings To The Table! Simply by Holding $StackBTC And In Theory Creating A Zero Carbon Mining Effect. 🔥 Our Concept Gives Our Investors A Cloud Like Mining Experience, To Earn More Daily Payouts In BTCB (Bitcoin BEP2). 🔥$Stack More, Earn More! 🔥💎 $StackBTC 🚀

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January 3, 2022

Brandon Perez