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SpritzMoon Crypto Token SPRITZMOON

SpritzMoon Crypto Token (SPRITZMOON), totally made in Italy, is a Crypto DeFi developed on Binance Blockchain BSC Crypto has 3 objectives to develop: 1. Create a Community (totally on social channels) within which to develop creating economic value within it thanks to certain mechanisms that reward the Buy & Hold form. 2. Sociality is one of the strengths of this Crypto, in fact it is foreseen by Statute that a large part of the gains realized over time (58%) will be earmarked for concrete aid to the various associations related to the Spritz theme, to prevent any kind of excess (The Whitepaper explains in detail how resources will be allocated to entities and associations sensitive to the # beverage # seguidinonbere # divertiticonlatesta theme.) . Allow all members of the community to use the token as a “Payment Tool” for Weekend Spritz with Friends (the token has and will have a real economic value like any other currency) and spread on the territory will take place thanks to numerous facilities that will accept SpritzMoon Crypto Token.

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March 23, 2021

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