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Sportz Coin SPZ

This project is in presale phase. Be careful when investing - DYOR

SPORTZ COIN cryptocurrency has been created to communicate and connect businesses with consumers globally,delivering a new sustainable blockchain platform and ecosystem to meet the needs of the future generation. ​ SPORTZ COIN has the potential to revolutionise the way the sports industry can engage with existing and new sports fans. SPORTZ COIN embraces the latest technologies that will provide a fulfilled experience for consumers and provide a variety of investment and consumable options in the digital online metaverse. ​SPORTZ COIN demonstrates how leveraging of blockchain technology can be used to create a relevant ecosystem by a single global token which can revolutionise the industry in a sustainable way which is mutually beneficial for all relevant sports industry stakeholders. SPORTZ COIN is the first ecosystem built on the BSC blockchain that will combine both tangible and non-fungible tokens, NFT marketplace, stakeholders from the sports industries, federations, associations, and the value of digital collectables, transforming it into a global digital business marketplace. By integrating SPORTZ COIN with BSC – a blockchain-based centralised financial system, SPORTZ COIN will not only become a highly desirable sports experience, but also a tangible investment. SPORTZ COIN logo: Hermes was known as the Greek god of sport and athletics. His golden wings are used in the logo as Hermes was known for his speed as a messenger and athlete. He was equally known as the god of trade, wealth and luck. The horseshoe open-end up is considered to be lucky and used to attract good fortune and protection.