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Spicy Inu SPICY

Introducing SPICY INU!! (SPICY). The Hottest new community-driven token for a brave new Meme powered financial Ecosystem. ​Join us on our Chilli Pepper 🌶️ Rocket 🚀 to the Moon, Mars, Andromeda, and beyond!! The Tokenomics includes: RFI REWARDS Holders will receive and watch their SPICY balance grow the longer they hold, rewards will increase as adoption grows. Automatic Liquidity Generation, every trade contributes to multiple secure liquidity pools adding and ensuring stability to our Mars mission, and ensuring growth to infinity and beyond. Spicy Swap Incoming -DeFi has created a paradigm shift in how we can store and transfer value, this has given rise to community-driven Meme tokens of which the value lies in its power to connect us through our shared experiences and humor, this human element is what we believe is the underlying value that backs meme coins. SPICY NFT MARKETPLACE -Coming soon.

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June 28, 2021


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