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SpaceBridge Token SPBR

🔹 SpaceBridge Token 🔹 # DEFLATIONARY MEME TOKEN $SPBR IS A DEFI TOKEN & COMMUNITY DRIVEN WHO REWARDS IT’S HOLDERS THROUGH STATIC REWARD AND AUTOMATIC BURN ON EVERY TRADE FROM WITHIN LIQUIDITY POOL. ANY TRANSACTION IS TAXED BY 6% ##### Reward To Holders # 2% ##### Burns # 2% ##### Open Wallet # 2% # Open Wallet will be used weekly by the community through a community pool where will be decided what we will happen with all the coins stashed in. #Burn #LP #Holders #Invest #Donate # Token distribution processs We deployed initial supply of 8,5 Billions and we will burn the difference to match the exact number of people alive on earth. We distribuited the tokens between the wallets and we revealed also the wallet addresses for full transaprency to the community, we start the aidrop capaign, private sale campaign, register for presale and locking the liquidity in DxSale for 1year. We will burn the remain tokens from private sale in case if are not sold and we will continue the airdrop and marketing campaign for a big price push. 🎁 Airdrop: 🎁 Airdrop Competition: 🎁 20 BNB Giveaway: $SPBR Presale will have place on DxSale on 29th July $SPBR will be listed on Pancakeswap on 29th July 🤑 PrivateSale Price: 9.000.000 $SPBR / 1 BNB 🤑 PreSale Price: 5.400.000 $SPBR / 1 BNB 🤑 PancakeSwap Price: 3.200.000 $SPBR / 1 BNB 🏷 PrivateSale link: 💎 USEFULL INFORMATIONS 🕳 Name: SpaceBridge Token 🕳 Symbol: $SPBR 🕳 Max Supply: 8,500,000,000 🕳 Circulating Supply: 7,875,317,067 🔥 Burns: 624,682,933

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July 29, 2021

SpaceBridge Token

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