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Space Ninjas SPNJ

Crypto Solution, Going Global Space Ninjas is a deflationary token with cool ninjutsu-like skills that will make sure your Space Ninjas (SPNJ) will keep growing just by holding the tokens. How cool is that! Just hold SPNJ in your wallet and keep getting rewards! Space Ninjas is striving to be more than just a deflationary token. There will be awesome things on the roadmap, even a Space Ninja game that will be launched this year! Here Are Some Space Ninjas Facts! Name : Space Ninjas 2% of each transaction goes to all the holders (both buying and selling). 2% of each transaction goes back the LP (liquidity pool). 2% of each transaction goes to the marketing/ charity funds. 6% of the liquidity will be used for contests, giveaways and promotions. 1% are Team Tokens. 45% locked liquidity (click to see locked liquidity). So the best part is that you only have to hold your SPNJ and see how all the Space Ninja bags will be growing all day, every day! Contract adress: 0x252039008B43706d08072f9ed2bE66b883F28AB3 BscScan

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May 16, 2021

Space Ninjas

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