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Solarius is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) startup born in Cali - Colombia (A Latin American solution) that aims to revolutionize the financial sector in Latin America. With which anyone can invest in the Stock Market, Investment Funds and NTFs in one place, Solarius seeks to be the decentralized intermediary for people to invest in these assets. Our need to solve is to allow and give access to people in Latin America to invest in a secure, legal, completely digital, and low cost way. At Solarius we want Decentralized Investment in the Global Stock Market from all over America. That anyone from the United States can invest in Latin America and diverse. We want everyone to have access at low cost, safe and effective. You enter pages have support in English, Spanish and Portuguese, we have telegram and discord channels in English and Spanish. We seek not everything to have greater coverage but we seek to create trust. I attach the Linkedin of the founder of the project who currently works at the Central Bank of Colombia as a Full Stack Developer engineer. ⚡ Join our Telegram group! 💵 Buy solarius coin 🚀 Learn more about Solarius Before our pre-sale, which will be held on December 24, you can buy and have the right to receive the reserved Solarius 1.000 Token on the day of the private-sale! Price of $0.05 per Token SolariusCoin 🔥

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December 24, 2021


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