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Sober ($CHIPS) is the BEP-20 smart contract that forms the foundational component for Sober Social, a social network under development that will be deployed on the BNB blockchain. The purpose Sober serves is creating smart contracts to fight substance abuse. The project is partnering with substance rehabilitation groups around the globe and distributing tokens to the members of these groups. With $CHIPS, gas fees can be paid on Sober Social. For each transaction, 5% goes towards auto-liquidity, 3% is reflected back to token holders, and 2% enters a donation wallet. By donating $CHIPS, free participation in Sober Social is granted to those actively fighting addiction. Sober Social is to be designed as a worldwide support system for recovery. Those in recovery often want a safe, anonymous, and private way to share and ask questions. By returning control and storage of data back to the user through blockchain, we can effectively accomplish this! Read more in our whitepaper and on our website!

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June 19, 2021


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