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SlotMachineDefi SLOT

SlotMachineDefi- Yield Farm & Algorithmic Stablecoin Protocol & AMM on #BSC The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) solves many issues that exist on the Ethereum network. Blockchain interoperability is the future of this industry as expanding and collaborating has become the primary directive of all relevant projects in the crypto industry. We see the massive value of being connected to a wide variety of blockchains that can bring new users, capital and use cases to our community project and Binance Smart Chain is our latest endeavor to build a bridge to a thriving community. With SlotMachine, we're launching the SlotMachineDefi farming platform - which is likely a familiar experience to anyone using Binance Smart Chain. We're also launching the SlotMachine token (SLOT) as the native farming token for this new platform. Farming is a fun way to put capital to work and earn some yield. To us, it's as much about earning yield and putting capital to work.

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August 7, 2021


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