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Slav Cat CAT

Bring the catnip comrade! 🌿🐱 $CAT is an BSC token that is the main currency in the Union of Soviet Metaverse. Bringing an end to these capitalist doge coins. 🎖 In Communism, there are no dev tokens 🎖 No whitelist we are socialists, everyone is equal. 🎖 No presale to avoid capitalist botting 🎖 100% fair launch Ticker: $CAT (BSC) Tax: 4% Marketing 4% Development 1% Redistribution LP LOCK: RENOUNCE: Summary of our roadmap 🎖 Communist Marketing & Slav Cameos 🎖 Gopnik NFT Farming 🎖 IOS and Play Store game, Play2Earn properties 🎖 Ethereum ERC-20 Bridge (uniswap) 🎖 Merch Store with worldwide shipping 🎖 Gopnik NFT Farming 🎖 Web3 interactive propaganda poster 🎖 Launch dApps 🎖 4Chan ads, Google Ads and Coinzilla banners 🎖 Communist Influencers will push the ideology to all

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