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Skylight SLT

Skylightexchange is a Decentralized automated Market-making(AMM) Protocol that is base on Binance smart chain (BSC) . Trade/ swap coins on Skylightexchange with high speed and low transaction fee. Other features of Skylightexchange includes : Staking,Yield farming, Buy back contract, Flash loan, NFT market & E-commerce to be launch 15th August 2021. join th community and benefit as early investors via airdrop n ICO. Skylight is a Native token of Skylightexchange. Skylight NFT market. An NFT platform where users can mint, buy and Sell Non fungible Token using Skylight Token. In this platform Digital art, music, image , documents can be stored on the blockChain and given a proof of ownership to only one user. Skylight E-commerce A platform where users can display, advertises goods and services for sale to be paid in Skylight Token and other Crypto currency or Digital currency. Users/Holders have the opportunity buy goods n services at more Discount price using SLT.

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August 15, 2021


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