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SkyRocket (DGMM) is an elastic supply token. Elastic supply token have a changing circulating supply. The circulating supply expands or contracts due to changes in token price. This increase or decrease works with a mechanism called rebasing.  A rebase protocol happens routinely and adjusts the circulation token supply automatically according to i.e. token´s price, time period or targeted value. The unique mechanism behind it allows for a lot of usecases in cryptospace and DeFi. The rebase function of SkyRocket was adjustet to only decrease the supply which we call the zero-g effect to reach a targeted price. That guarantees a continuously price growth. That means that the total supply is decreasing but the aggregate value keeps the same and is allocated to the remaining supply. Even rebase doesn´t have a direct effect to the exchange rate it has a indirect psychological effect that have an impact to the market rule #1: supply and demand! The rebase and the market rule in combination we call the Double Gain Market Mechanism (DGMM) which will give SkyRocket a healthy growth over time. Where is this taking SkyRocket? First and foremost, a strong and healthy community. Due to the scarce tokens in the end, the community will be large enough for many people to participate, but small enough to have a certain status of exclusivity. Skyrocket wants to show that decentralization and all power to the community has a greater benefit than centralized systems run by states, banks and organizations.

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October 16, 2021

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