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Sincere Satoshi SINS

°°~Sincere Satoshi launched over a month ago~°° 🥷 STEALTH LAUNCH 🥷 💣💣 FROM 500$ - $280,000 MC 💣💣 🥬🥦 PURE ORGANIC GROWTH 🧅🍍 WE ARE CREATING A BRAND -Owners are the hosts on The Crypto Bodega Podcast. -Teams focus is to make their holders rich. Their business model is to provide ways for their Sincere Satoshi brand to create revenue to ape back into the chart as buybacks. -Team is standing by their organic growth approach and it’s working. They want only investors that hold. -NFT Series 1 is dropping in the next few days. Exlusively on the Bleufi NFT marketplace. The Open Sea of BSC. Once all 3 series of 500 NFTs are minted they will have put $500k back into the chart as buybacks and given away $500k in lotteries to the NFT holders. - There is no other project like it. The community is one of experienced traders and serious investors. 💥💥Everything about this project is bullish💥💥

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February 19, 2022