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Sick Doge SOGE

This token was created as a response to all of the Doge hate we are getting these days! Dogecoin is an awesome project but lately, $DOGE got sick of the constant toxicity and hate towards it. This token aims to reflect the hatred and unite the Doge lovers with a positive attitude towards crypto and dog coins in general! The team is made of long-term Dogecoin enthusiasts that are in the project for more than 3 years and hold a total of 3.200.000 Đoge. From what they wrote they want to make this a positive and happy place for fellow enthusiasts and build an awesome community project! There has been a big marketing push before the actual launch and it seems a lot of users were waiting for the Fair launch! Please if you are $DOGE or even a dog lover and you hate the toxicity our dogecoin community gets please consider joining the project and create an awesome place to share our passion!

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May 26, 2021


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