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Shinigami INU SHINU

ShinuSwap is the newest player in the DEX scene; a Uniswap v2 fork with a couple special features, powered by the DeathNote Engine. Our benefits over other DEX’s, like Uniswap and Sushiswap, are numerous ♠️ Built-in contract scanners and warning systems for new listings: the Dog of Death himself will give every new contract a good sniff to detect honeypots, blacklist rugs, or even large developer wallets. Shinu is so clever, he’ll even warn you about the developer transferring large numbers of tokens.These warnings will protect investors from the numerous scams found in the CryptoVerse. ♠️ Liquidity Lock Detection: Shinu provides a useful pop-up message whenever a token you have imported locks liquidity and for how long. ♠️ DeathNote: Ultimate Punishment. When a developer launches a rugged token, their name will be instantaneously added to the Death Note, and they will be forever blacklisted from the exchange. That means never listing another project on ShinuSwap, or even swapping tokens using this service.




May 20, 2021


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