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ShikokuInu SHIKO

SHIKO is a 100% community-driven decentralized utility token. It first introduced an automated liquidity system that facilitates swaps and rewards its holders on every transaction. Next, our SHIKO ecosystem will aim to better the crypto world and increase trading efficiency. Come join us today on the SHIKO spaceship and travel to Mars in style! ➡️BUY HERE AT THEIR VERY OWN $SHIKO SWAP: Paste the following in Trust Wallet browser: swap.shikoku.exchange ➡️[Website](shikoku.exchange/) ➡️[Reddit](www.reddit.com/r/SHIKOARMY/) ➡️[Telegram](t.me/SHIKOEXCHANGE) ➡️[Discord](discord.com/invite/2aqD29F4h8) ➡️[Twitter](twitter.com/ShikokuInu3) ➡️[TikTok](vm.tiktok.com/ZMe3namuL/) ~Hope you can join us and grow with our amazing community!~

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May 11, 2021