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Shibetoshi Nakamoto SHIBE

Shibetoshi Nakamoto| The real DogeFather | First Real Anti-Dump System | Developing the biggest next Meme Token Exchange What is $ Shibe $ Shibe is a new ERC20 Token that has implemented a system to prevent dumping while rewarding its holders with 5% redistribution! What is the vision of the project: The idea is to create a fork of SushiSwap, called InuDex, where users can provide liquidity and earn rewards on the top Meme Tokens! The unique anti-dump system prevents the biggest problem that affects most new projects: whale dumping. The innovative Anti-Dump method, in fact, the price of the token can grow continuously and organically, discouraging those that are using harmful methods such as Pump and Dump. 10% of the total supply was burned on launch. What this means is that the burn wallet also receives 5% distribution. This is huge because over time tokens will become sparce, thus rising the prices of the tokens. More info on our website and TG.




June 12, 2021


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