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ShibaNovaDEX: Your Daily Dividends AMM ShibaNovaDEX is a Decentralized Exchange and Automatic Market Maker built on the Binance Smart Chain. Its UPS is the ability to generate a daily passive income from the Daily Dividends. This project rewards early investors by making them shareholders who receive daily dividends (in the form of BNB and BUSD) for their early adoption and continued loyalty. In ShibaNovaDEX: SAFU IS OUR PRIORITY ✅ 3 Full Complete Audits: EtherScan, CTD Sec & PeckShield ✅ Lossless (Defi Hack Mitigation tool) ✅ Immunefi (Bug Bounty Protocols) ✅ Assure Defi (for KYC) ✅ Gnosis Safe (For Multi Sig) Upcoming Plans 🔜 Integration with Insurance Systems 🔜 Partnership with LossLess.Cash 🔜 We plan to be a successful launchpad for safe projects 🔜 Expand beyond BSC - expansion into Matic, Fantom, Solana, etc. 🔜 Establish a DAO utilizing our tokens as a true governance token What is this Daily Dividends? 75% of the revenue generated by the app (either swap fee or deposit fee) on our DApp will be allocated towards daily dividend rewards in the Money Pot - shareholders will be able to harvest BNB and BUSD Daily. How do I get Daily Dividends? 1️⃣ Purchase our native token called Nova 2️⃣ Provide liquidity by pairing it with BUSD or BNB 3️⃣ You will be rewarded with sNova (our reward token) 4️⃣ Hold sNova and you will be able to claim your share of daily BNB and BUSD 5️⃣ By continuing to provide liquidity, you also accumulate more sNova. Thus, the more your daily dividends grow! Important Links Telegram: Twitter: Medium: Website: dApp:

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