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SharkRise SRISE

Symbol: $SRISE Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000 Burned: 61,000,000,000,000 For dxsale raise and liquidity: 36,539,999,999,910 Marketing-Team: 2% (locked for 12 months, vesting four times, will be unlocked 1/4 each 3 months) Why should you invest in SharkRise? SharkRise token holders are not only benefited through static rewards but also by the Buy-Back process of the contract. As part of Buy-Back process, contract takes care of buying back some of the tokens and burn them whenever a sell happens. In a nutshell, 98% of the time, you will not see 2 sell transactions at any time and there will never be three sell transactions continuously at any time. What makes us different? - Our Buyback Shark works like Everise buyback whale (but butter) and will eat any and all dips that occur - It prevents people from selling, because you constantly have 24 hours of rewards pending in your drip. So it reducing sell pressure and increasing buy pressure at the same time! WOW




June 20, 2021


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