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Sensible Finance SENSI

Sensible Finance is a low-cap DeFi project running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with deflationary tokenomics. The use case for Sensible is that it is a Smart Staking platform that is coming out soon, with currently already a possibility for holders to temporarily stake in a normal staking program with our previously released token. What is Smart Staking? Smart Staking through $SENSI diversifies your crypto portfolio automatically by splitting your staked $SENSI tokens into various other tokens/investments - up to 15 different tokens will be invested in, each with a different amount of risk (stablecoin, big MC coins and some small MC coins). This will ensure that your portfolio remains relatively stable and risk for the staker will be minimized. Tokenomics 250T supply, all in circulation Sensible Finance just went through a tokenswap to provide better tokenomics. ⁃ 2% Burn ⁃ 1% Charity Donation ⁃ 1% Liquidity Token Reward Pool 25T is dedicated to the reward pool for staking

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April 21, 2021


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