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Saving Johnny Inu JINU

$JINU is an ERC20 token heavily inspired by the JD v AH trial and is focused on supporting charities and organizations that are fighting to give men their rights back. 25% of the total supply was sent to Johnny Depp’s NFT wallet. Elon is likely to testify, bringing $JINU even more attention. A certain vulnerability that becomes perceivably exposed on the legal stand when being framed and guilted publicly into crimes or other negative actions, sometimes highly personal, is a deeply demeaning and mortifying experience that no one should ever suffer. Saving Johnny Inu, or $JINU, is an ERC20 token published on the Ethereum blockchain that is inspired by the JD vs AH case which is unfolding rapidly before the public over the past few years and recently gaining increasing traction all over the internet—simply put, this project has dedicated itself to saving these types of victims by providing an alternative relief both financially and politically via cryptocurrency through and only through the community.




May 1, 2022


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