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SantaElon Biggest Christmas Giveaway 1000 BNB to Holders. SantaElon is an Bep20 powered, community driven, meme ecosystem that rewards its holders by distributing SantaElon through airdrops. Come and join us in our adventure as the newest dog on the block! SantaElon Our goal is to create an ecosystem of DeFi technologies such as NFTs, Liquidity Providing, NFTs, Lending, and more all through the power of our community. All of our users will automatically earn SantaElon by simply holding SantaElon Tokens. All rewards are distributed everyday and are proportional to your ownership of SantaElon. SantaElon ~ The Ultimate Meme and Utility Coin — Memes + DeFi + NFT + Play2Earn Gaming + SantaElon SWAP + Ecommerce Marketplace and Woocommerce Plugin + SantaElon Wallet

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December 25, 2021


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