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Votes: 130,033,668
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Saitama Inu SAITAMA

Saitama Inu was created to give people a chance to create wealth. The original owner of this project created this coin so that people like you and I can invest into the token with a minimal amount of money and would be able to walk away with a big smile. After ownership was renounced, a group of committed individuals who have found the goal valuable and impactful, took over the project and continued developing it into a token which people can remember for a life time. We aim to see many lives changed from this token. Not only does this token give back 2% to its holder with every transaction 2% is burned also. With 51% of the tokens already burned this token adds value. More we have a platform in mind to unify all the *Inus and lead them to crypto nirvana!




May 30, 2021


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Unlocked liquidity 100%

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