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SafeJupiter SFJP

SafeJupiter aims to reward those that buy a token and hold it, rather than sell it. When holders decide to sell, there are penalties bound to it for the seller, while holders are rewarded. A penalty tax of 5% is inflictedon sellers the sellers and redistributed to the existing holders. Thereby, 5% of all transactions directly go to the BNB/SafeJupiter liquidity pool. At the start, 50% of all tokens are automatically burned from a dead wallet. SafeJupiter is a community driven project. The project is ran by a different team than Safemars and Safemoon. The ownership is renounced and the liquidity is locked. The dev tokens are locked for a month. Finally, the implemented smart contract is considered as secure.

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$ 2,160


May 17, 2021


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