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SOWL Token is a BEP-20 utility cryptocurrency supported by the Award-Winning Virtual Learning Children's App, EarlyBird. SOWL Token has innovative features including: 8% Sellers-Only Tax (unlike the common "everyone taxed on both buy and sell side," the long-term holders are rewarded) 1% of the Sellers-Only Tax goes to Marketing 1% of the Sellers-Only Tax goes to Charity 4% Redistributive Protocol for passive income to reward all long-term holders 2 Liquidity Yields going into 1 Liquidity Fund: 1) 4% Autonomous Liquidity Yield [from the 8% of the Sellers-Only Transaction Tax] 2) 50% of App Profits Buy Back & Burn: The smart contract will buy some tokens from the pool & burn them to deflate supply & increase price. Liquidity Mining: To keep people aggressively adding Liquidity and Farming the SOWL Token, we are offering a 25% Bonus to those who contribute Liquidity from the SOWL Website. Anti-Whale: 1m cap on each holder's daily sell, but if you want to sell more, you pay double the 8% transaction tax (16%) per every additional 1m tokens. This ensures NO ONE can or will want to dump and hurt our community! Anti-Bot: The technology in our smart contract detects bots and eliminates them, which makes front-running a thing of the past! Anti-Rug Pull: 14b Founder Tokens Vesting via DxSale + All Wallets controlled by Developer/Owner vested as well! This includes our Marketing, Development, and Operations. Tokens are released 25% per quarter over 1 year. This means any wallet in our control is vested! 20% Growth Fund allocated to Marketing & Development to keep our product viable for our 20-year project lifespan Crypto SPAC to acquire competitors in the educational app arena & keep profits & liquidity, climbing. TOKEN$ DeFi payment system to merge Retail & Crypto

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January 1, 2022

SOWL Token

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