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Welcome to Scary Games - the # 1 Profitable Game on BSC. We have the GOAL to delivery the best ROI in BSC games ever, BSCNEWS for this we have more than half of token supply exclusively for our Rewards system, the ONLY Fair Launch of a token with NFT whitelist, Know our official Partnership with AUTOSHARK to Farm FINS with SCY/BNB pool for SCARY Token. OFFICIAL NFT market place. 55.000.000 token to be released for NFT holders and Players, creating an EXCLUSIVE ecosystem for rewards! We will begin to distribute jaws rewards for the players at our FIRST airdrop/rewards FREE 2 PLAY game to be released nexts weeks on our platform stay tuned! TOKENOMICS 50% rewards 5% secondary rewards wallet 10% CEX Hot Wallet 5% Ido 5% Private Sell 10% Public Sell 15% Pancake Swap

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November 11, 2021


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