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The idea of Safu Max is to bring some recovery after so many rug-pull activities in the DeFi market lately. SAFU MAX is an 100% decentralized community token, investors have full control of their investments. Also investors can gets to accumulate more $SAFUMAX by just holding as the smart contract automatically distribute 3% of every transaction tax amongst holders We also have unique mechanisms to stop whales from manipulating the price. Whales can only sell 0.25% of the supply at once and are then locked for 20mins minutes from sells. For every $SAFUMAX transaction a 13% tax is charged. The 13% is converted to BNB and distribute as follows 6% Buy back 3% Marketing 3% Busd reflection to holders 1% Development Anti-whale dump mechanism: 0.25(TS) sell limit and are locked and put to wait 20mins before another sell 🔒 Liquidity will be locked for 7 years 🔒 80% of dev allocation will be locked for 20 weeks with 5% releasing weekly




August 6, 2021


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