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$SAFERMoon lifted off Apr 29. - only two months old! The mission is to create a safe launchpad with pre-audited code for people to create Tokens and dApps on Binance Smart Chain. In this vein, we launched pre audited by BSCGemz, who are some of the early supporters and backers of the project. Anyone familiar with BSC might recognize them as some of the earliest users of BSC and most reputable names around. Like most RFI Tokens, your coins grow over time. To encourage holding, 5% of all transactions go to HODLers, and 5% goes to build the LP. But unlike most, we are not dumping dev tokens to pay for marketing. We’re doing our big giveaways the right way, with a partnership with Chainlink. This will provide true random selection and fairness on the blockchain. You have to, when you're giving away a Tesla, Lambo, and a trip aboard virgin galactic. It’s all coming out of our own pockets like a real business. The dev wallet is only used for giveaways and burns. See our current milestones for burns on our website.

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April 28, 2021


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