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SafeMario($MARIO) is a community-driven token which allows investors to play a role in saving unfortunate kids' lives. While there are an expected 153 million orphans around the world, a shocking 82.6% (132 million) are lopsidedly found in developing nations and conflict zones. These regions are in a constant battle to access the resources they so desperately need in order for every child to have food, shelter, and hope for the future. $MARIO was launched on May 29, 2021, and wasted no time becoming a serious contender in the crypto space despite crypto market uncertainties. Within the first 12hrs, $MARIO surpassed all expectations with approximately $100,000 in volume. Tokenomics ● 10,000,000,000,000 supply ● Under Binance Smart Chain for faster transaction and minimal fees ● Locked LP for the whole year ● 10% Charity Wallet for all donations and future projects ● 1% Marketing Wallet ● Ownership Renounced and Verified Contract Future Plans 🍄Launching the improved website 🍄Building partnerships with Nintendo and additional charities to expand existing and future opportunities 🍄Forging relationships with social media influencers to promote to a wider audience 🍄SafeMario's expansion into mainstream media 🍄Build and launch the SafeMario Foundation Donations 📄Donations will be decided through a community poll system, allowing for unparalleled advocacy among our holders. 📄These donations will be monitored and recorded to ensure absolute transparency. 📄We will be unifying our efforts and coordinating with multiple charities to maximize the impact of SafeMario while its in early stages. Telegram: @SafeMario Twitter: @Off_safemario website: safemario.net

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May 29, 2021