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RugFreeDaddy RFDADDY

A deflationary, auto yielding and liquidity providing protocol meme token on the binance smartchain. $RFD a true gem 💎 THE RUG, is a fully community run defi token that cannot be pulled. The token both rewards the holder and has an auto liquidity providing protocol. Where in each transaction there will be a 20% fee - 10% will automatically reward the holders - 5% will turn back into BNB - 5% will be paired with BNB to provide liquidity that is locked. ✅Contract verified ✅Dev team Doxxed ✅Pre-launch stage This defi token was created because the wild west of crypto “ shit coins “ is renowned for scams, rug pulls and jeets. Taking average Joe Blogs money to help satisfy there cringy needs.




August 22, 2021

Muzz Flavell

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