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Rogue Doge ROGE

In a world where diversity and inclusion is full of failings, it comes as no surprise that $ROGE was left beind. Heartlessly discarded by his developer because of the loss of an eye during minting. $ROGE is the only doge you need. Being orphaned, rejected and shunned from crypto society triggered something in $ROGE and it was at that moment the Rogue Doge was born. With the help of a loving and loyal community the plan was set; Build the most diverse and inclusive community there is and show everyone that through immense adversity from society you can still achieve great things. While watching all other Shiba Inu be loved, cared for and reaching the moon and beyond, $ROGE and the $ROGE community knew what they had to do... They would bypass the already overcrowded moon and head straight to Uranus. There they would build a Sky City Headquarters on the beautiful gas giant and set out on making the solar system a much better place for all. ROGE + PROGE - Official Official community chat for $Roge and $Proge, the Rogue Doges Chart: Web - Twitter TG - Available on Uniswap:: 0x45734927fa2f616fbe19e65f42a0ef3d37d1c80a




April 19, 2021


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