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Rocket Launch V2 ROCKET

🚀 Introduce Rocket Ecosystem 🚀 LONG TERM PROJECT ROCKET ecosystem is a revolutionary multichain farming system that is driven by the innovative concept that we describe as Perpetual Leveled Farming 💠 Rocket Launch set out to innovatively revolutionize DeFi by embarking on a design and structure that will cover every aspect that if offers 💠 Launchpad Platform We are aiming at building different and constituent sub-units within the ROCKET ecosystem to cover all aspects of DeFi by using ROCKET Farm, ROCKET Lend, among others, and powered by our $ROCKET token. Let's join a new world ecosystem community for seed funding. $ROCKET: 1. New Crypto Ecosystem 2. Rocket DeFi 3. Ecosystem integration 4. KYC 5. Anti whale system Rocket Info 💬: 🌐: 🐤:

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March 10, 2022