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Market Cap: $40,099,006,047,425,504
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RoArts Token ROAR

RoArts Token is a 100% Community backed De-Fi token which has scheduled burn operations, dynamic liquidity fee management, and most importantly rewarding BUSD to its holders for every trade. By implementing and simplifying the complex De-Fi process by auto BUSD reward mechanism defined in the contract, RoArts will be focusing constantly on NFT Series creation process with a profitable business model. NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) is unique and created & minted as only one kind. Especially after market awareness, NFTs are expected to have more room to grow in the coming years too. RoArts Team will be working as game, sound, and video production and NFT creation in future projects. Take your BUSD rewards and put them into the project. The best investment is always compounding! It has always been the best and dominant strategy in this market

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August 8, 2021


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