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Rapid Shiba RS

Www.RapidShiba.com PHASE 1 Community shilling til we reach 100 members. At 100 memebers we will have a 100b token giveaway! Website launch during this stage and meme development. Rapid shiba is training to reach his speeds! PHASE 2 Voluntary donation from community for marketing purposes to help spread awareness. At 500 members we will have a 500b token giveaway! Crypto token space AD. Rapid Shiba is almost ready for take off. PHASE 3 At 1000 telegram members we will be having a 1 trillion token giveaway! POOCOIN ADS. Rapid Shiba is ready on your mark! PHASE 4 100k and beyond! The community will have successfully reach heights. Influencer marketing push. More Memes. Rapid Shiba is zoomin’!

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June 10, 2021