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RampageFloki RMPGF

Rampage Floki ($RMPGF) 🚨 RampageFloki ($RMPGF) Is a community driven hyper-deflationary decentralized digital currency for THE PEOPLE by THE PEOPLE. The premier hyper-deflationary token with auto-claim ADA reflections. Simply hold $RMPGF tokens in your wallet and enjoy your ADA rewards. The goal is to reduce the total supply of $RMPGF to roughly 20% (136,675,770) of the original supply. This reduction will be achieved through the Great RampageFloki Whale buyback and burn features and additional manual burns to the influencer & giveaway reserves. There are also plans to burn the remaining reward, marketing, & liquidity at the time of relinquishing ownership. Key details: 🚦 88% of supply as LP, making it unruggable 🚦 5% ADA reflections automatically distributed every hour 🚦 Anti whale features

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October 15, 2021


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