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RaiseShiba RS

Let me introduce you to RaiseShiba This is still a very very low mcap meaning the liquidity is low. For the time being please do smaller buys. As the lp increases we can do much larger buys. Ever since I started this sh*itcoin journey I realised the earlier you get the more you make, and I think I just found a golden opportunity. We all want to see that x1000 in our portfolio, but most of the time we arrive just too late. I just spotted this gem called RaiseShiba and it has everything it needs to go to the moon and beyond: funny name/meme, active community and for the lucky early buyers, potential to make a lot of $$$. This is a spin off from Doge coins that have been coming into play recently. We all know how fast they move so why not jump onboard for a fast ticket to the mooooon.

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June 7, 2021


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