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Ragnarok ROK

Use Case — Data Visualisation Tools The community has chosen to build data visualization tools that help assess the risk of an investment based on data fetched from the blockchain. This will enable investors to see if a token has a high chance of being a scam by just glancing at the Ragnarok Interface. This interface will be composed of information provided in a clean and easy to read way thanks to our design team. Automatic Audits Machine learning will be implemented to the Ragnarok Interface to provide the user with a confidence score for a particular token. Our community has shown it’s talents once more and has given us 3 Machine Learning experts that will be building an AI which will allocate a confidence score of 0–100% to a project based on how safe it is. By making our interface automated, we can offer this service for every single token in BSC, similar to PooCoin Charts. You’ll just have to ‘paste’ a Contract Address and our algorithms will do the magic. Optional Audits and KYC

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May 11, 2021


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