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Racingland RALD

Racingland is a virtual reality, AI/MI-based game platform, in this platform users can participate in different types of racing games & play to earn games. Racingland will be a completely decentralized platform where users can own racing assets. Ownable parts of racing games include Race Track Land, Gaming Zone Land, EV Charging Stations, Garages (Repair Stations), Advertising Board, Cars, Bikes, Trucks, Horses, etc. ✅ Our top 25 pre-sale buyers will get one free in-game asset NFT ✅ Our all pre-sale buyers will get 10% additional tokens* Utilities of $RALD token: • NFT Transaction (Buy/Sell/Rent) • In-gaming activities transactions • Staking rewards • Gaming & Event participation • Governance & Participations




February 25, 2022


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