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Protector Roge PROGE

$PROGE is an evolutionary DeFi “Protector” token that works symbiotically with her “twin” token, $ROGE. The “Twin” token concept (of which the Rogue twins are the first) is a unique development in the community DeFi space which couples two tokens together in a manner where their tokenomics and socials feed and strengthen each other in an endless virtuous cycle. As one token does well it bolsters the other which in turn reciprocates in a continuous loop. As the “Protector” token in the pairing, PROGE has the superior tokenomics (on a standalone basis) and applies a portion of the tax it gathers on trades to “buy and burn” $ROGE tokens. A portion of the tax gathered is also pooled into a community treasury which is, amongst other things, applied to regulate and reinforce the ongoing relationship between the two tokens. $PROGE applies a 12% Tax on all buys and sells and applies this tax is applied as follows: 1% $PROGE Burn 2% $PROGE Reflection 5% Protection (Buy & Burn of $ROGE) 3% Community Treasury 1% PRESA development

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June 17, 2021


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