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PopCoin POP

PopCoin brings together Charity and Community by allowing the community to vote on handpicked charities each week through the power of Cryptocurrency! Our Roadmap: Web-3 Governance DAPP - Will allow holders of $POP to vote on charities each week over blockchain function calls. This makes charity donations truly decentralised and anonymous. NFT Distributions - NFT’s distributed to wallets who have generated the most fees for charity. Social Networking DAPP - A social networking DAPP which allows people to interact with others through web3.0, PopCoin holders can tip a post using their $POP tokens, almost like Reddit. Cross-chain IDO platform - A cross-chain IDO platform where holders of $POP can participate in new crypto launches which will be launched off of PopCoin. This means the projects will be safe and vetted by the PopCoin team.




May 31, 2021


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