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PolkaWar PWAR

PolkaWar is a decentralized fighting game platform on a blockchain network and NFT marketplace where users can create characters and battle with other players for fun and earn profit. Players can sell their items, weapons and upgraded equipment for crypto in the PolkaWar NFT marketplace. 🔮 3D MODELER UNITY 💰 PLAY 2 EARN 🔱 EPIC IN-GAME NFT ITEMS 🗡 ADVENTURE & BATTLE ROOM 🤹‍♀️ DECENTRALIZED IN-GAME ECONOMY 🔗 We Are Offer To Build On Other Cross-Chain Blockchains For Ease To Transfer And Own NFT Items Across Various Blockchains Platforms. ✅ PolkaWar has broader use cases rather than just gaming for fun like in traditional games. It has a captivating play-to-earn concept. Battle victories are rewarded with PWAR (native token) and all characters and items are NFT’s of their own. They can be traded/sold/placed for auction in the PolkaWar Marketplace.

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June 28, 2021

PolkaWar NFT

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