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Votes: 108,547,914
Market Cap: $41,077,578,059,806
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Polaris is competitive yield farm/launchpad on Binance Smart Chain. Its is one of its kind, which makes it unique. Key features are: 1. Launchpad Pools : A unique feature of Polaris is the ability of any BSC project to leverage our competitive farming model to bootstrap their own protocol’s liquidity. This is an entirely novel feature in the BSC ecosystem. 2. Competitive Farming : As mentioned above, POLAR tokens are spendable during the reward claiming process in order to increase your reward multiplier. Users can also spend POLAR to enhance their farming multipliers at the point of claiming rewards. This functions in a similar manner to GYSR on Ethereum, and encourages active management of deposits in order to earn a competitive edge over other stakers. 3. (Partner Supernovas) :What other BSC projects can then do is launch their own Supernovas.

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March 10, 2021


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