Coins: 28,975
Votes: 172,300,498
Market Cap: $99,012,097,645,387
Yesterday Winner 2 Kuku World
Trending Winner 2 RavenX


Planet Doge ($PlanetDoge) consists of a group of tokens, each with their own use case situation and scenario, but with each token supporting another token in the eco-system. This ensures that as one token grows, the others continue grow and that the PD Team can ensure the healthy success of the whole eco-system as a result. Planet Doge ($PlanetDoge) will become the flag ship token and central hub for the eco-system. Its primary premise is a Coin Listing Site with added flair and features to make it stand out from the rest. Some of these features are, but not limited to: a) Community Forums b) Crypto News Articles c) Presale + Launch Announcements d) Tangible rewards for voting Part of the tax for buying/selling Planet Doge ($PlanetDoge) is sent back to holders in the form of 10% fee, which is further broken down with 80% of it being in $ADA and 20% of it being in Little Doge Cake ($LDC). As a result, as Planet Doge ($PlanetDoge) grows, so will the Little Doge Cake ($LDC) token, which is part of the eco-system. This encourages holders to continue to hold all the tokens in the chain.




September 13, 2021

Planet Doge

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