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Pixel Mega PMEGA

What is Pixel Mega ? “Welcome To PMEGA, a token built for the community with all the characteristics to encourage a safe and rewarding environment. With the liquidity coming only from the dev and not utilizing any ICO or fund raising platform, it allowed the token stability for trade. As the dev locked & loaded the liquidity upon launch, this allowed for a true and natural FAIR LAUNCH strategy for anyone to add or remove tokens at the given value. Pixel Mega – (PMEGA) has redefined the way a fair launch should occur, adding assurance to any holders that no liquidity was added through a pre-sale nor is there any paid marketing scheduled at the expense of PMEGA token holders as seen through some traditional token projects that tragically have failed. The token was created with the mindset of reversing all the traditional characteristics that some tokens/projects have proven to be rug pulls. Such as using holders’ money to launch and add liquidity for start up, or continuous marketing on the expense of the token and holders. PMEGA is proud to say it was launched fairly with the greatest intentions. What Functions Occur When The Token Is Traded ? r/PixelMega - True Fair Launch In The Crypto World Is Hard To Come By. PMEGA Breaks Barriers With A Slow, Safe & Steady Approach. Tokenomics of PMEGA by The token was built with some features that aim to reward the members through three functions that occur during each trade. 2% Reflection: Occurs through reward that distributes to existing holders 1% LP Acquisition: Added to liquidity. 1% Burn: tokens burned upon each trade ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sincerely, The PMEGA Team

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March 21, 2022

Pixel Mega

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