Coins: 26,749
Votes: 156,338,078
Market Cap: $40,100,409,607,242,104
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Pirate Inu PINU

We are a multi utility token for all social/meme/community coins. *We have a 3% redistribution *Treasure Swap exchange *Gem Finder (Similar to a Coinmarketcap but with more categories and community interaction) AI data driven analytics tool to track tokens for experience and uninexperienced investors trying to find a one stop location to research tokens. All tokens that pass out Audit and seem to be safe will be added to our Treasure Swap for trading *Cannon Launch- This will be our own token creator platform, where anyone can make their own token that will be fully audited by our service. Tokens created will only have to offer up a very small percentage of their supply to provide to Pinu stakers *Treasure Chest- This will be our staking platform where all Pinu stakers will earn tokens that are launched from our Cannon platform mentioned above. *Treasure Accumulator- This will be used by Pinu holders to track their 3% redistribution and all of the tokens they earn from staking in the treasure chest.




May 13, 2021


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