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PinkCatGirl PINK

Meta-Dating dApp ;PinkCatGirl dApp hosts interactive ways to meet new people. With the integration of metaverse and Web 3.0, we are taking friend-finding platforms to another level PinkCatGirl’s dApp will be the best at for its focus on allowing women to make the first move when searching for potential romantic partners, but it also has modes for finding platonic friends and business networking opportunities. Play2Earn #LegendOfCatGirls Collectible NFTs available in the Game ; Buy and trade cat NFTs in the PinkCatGirl Marketplace. Play the 'LegendOfCatGirls' Play2Earn game to have fun and earn $PINK Stake and Reflections;PinkCatGirl holders can earn 75% APY by staking their $PINK tokens in the PinkCatGirl. (Stake for a minimum of 28 days; withdrawing prematurely results in a 10% penalty) Earn PINK by just holding PinkCatGirl in your wallet. 2% of every buy and sell transaction is distributed to PinkCatGirl holders.

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March 3, 2022


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