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Pink Shiba Inu PINKINU

While Pink Shiba Inu’s cousins Doge and Shiba Inu and Floki are trying to go to the moon to meet their dads Elon and Jeff, she’s here on Earth to make everyone wealthy and provide philanthropic research and monies to let people live longer and enjoy their lives to spend their fortunes. We’ve launched Pink Shiba Inu in October to bring awareness to breast cancer month (Oct 16th is National Mammography Day) and this reflection token is a charity token dedicated to long term cancer research focusing on breast cancer and other women’s issues. We are 100% Community Driven Utility Token and each transactions goes towards community driven projects. We will post our philanthropic givings on every few days on our social media pages. Eventually, we want this token to be in decentralized DAO governance and driven 100% by the community, but we’ll first get it going.

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$ 19,131


August 18, 2021

Pink Shiba Inu

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